Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aly is a better blogger

Interested in a more aesthetically pleasing and astutely written blog? Then look no further then my girlfriend Alison's blog, "en francais s'il vous plait: five months in paris." As you all know, the french do not recognize capital letters. Anyway, it is very interesting and will be my motivation to update this blog more often.

Here's the link.


  1. Love both of your blogs. Aly's is delightful -- especially for me -- been to Paris several times, but seeing it through her eyes is new!

  2. You're right Aly's blog is a lot better than yours hahahah... but it is still fun to read them both! Erin showed me the blogs last week when I went to visit her at BC.

    I hope you are enjoying your time in Ireland! Have a good trip and keep us posted! Love, Justine