Friday, September 11, 2009

My house in Rathmines

This is the house (black door) that is home for the next 4 months. It is a 15 minute walk to St. Stephen's Green and a 10-15 minute bike ride to the UCD Dublin Campus in Belfield. Rathmines is in Dublin 6, which is south of city center (an lar in Irish). It is dangerously close to convenience stores and pubs. There are 8 of us living not including myself, 4 from Boston College, 3 from Cornell, and one from Germany. All of us pitched in together to buy a grill, so there will probably be pictures of ourselves partaking in the illustrious Irish tradition of barbequeing in the rain.


  1. Hope my message came through, Brendan. I'm new to this blog world too.

  2. Hey sweetie - thanks so for setting this up. How are the classes? can you understand the profs???

    where are you going when you meet up with aly??