Monday, September 14, 2009


On Saturday I visited Howth (rhymes with Both) with a couple of people from BC and was blown away by the beauty of the seaside village. We were lucky to have great, sunny weather. The village actually reminded me of Sausalito, where I spent most of my summer. We went on a hike around the peninsula and stared over the cliffs that drop off into the Irish sea. I also had some amazing chowder that was quite unlike the New England variety I am used to. It had full clams in the soup! I will upload more pictures once I open up a flickr account for all of my pictures, but to get an idea here is a picture from the internets.


  1. Holy smokes, Bren- that's beautiful! Lucky you! Hope you enjoy your time!


  2. just love your impressions. keep them coming. love you! mom

  3. Put up more pictures! K. That's all.